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WHAT - Mission

EXPERIENCE ART WITH FLORA is an Art Program designed for children and adults to stimulate curiosity, encourage imagination and creativity, and provide opportunities for self-discovery and self-expression. It involves personal, social, and emotional skills, promoting respect, positivity, and kindness.

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In Flora's Art Room, every Art Experience is shaped around a theme and includes three parts:

- one INTRO with a creative warm-up activity involving Flora's adventures.  

- one part of ART APPRECIATION (analyzing elements of art/principles of design, and exploring artworks through sensorial and interactive activities) - Flora will suggest some prompts.

- one part of ART MAKING (working on creative arts&crafts projects individually and in group, sharing thoughts, ideas, materials) - Flora will guide us through the process.

HOW - Method

By looking at works of art, making art, and getting engaged (with all their senses) in art-centered activities, in Flora's Art Room everyone will find a safe space for being inspired, and inspire.

While including Music, Literature and Storytelling, Mindfulness, Visual, Creative, Symbolic and Critical Thinking, Drawing, Painting, Hands-on activities, Games, Performing Arts, Poetry, Natural Elements, Recycled Materials, and much more, young and adults will be fully immersed into a colorful atmosphere of Joy. 


The methodology by which these experiences are developed incorporates parts of various strategies (Montessori, VTS, SEL, among others), alongside pieces from my own journey as an artist, educator, museum docent, and theatrical set/prop/costume designer.


WHY ART? - Vision

Art is a universal language. It speaks to everyone, yet on a personal level. 

Art gives us the opportunity to think and talk about any topics, exploring all human experiences. 

Art creates connections, inward and outward. 

Art can make a difference in life. It opens our mind, offering us perspectives, and answers.



For me, Flora inherently does embody the healing power of making art, as she was born with a mission to help me go through a difficult moment.

Also, using my own drawings to approach others' artworks is a personal way to connect with them even more deeply, interpreting and discovering new meanings, bringing fabulous masterpieces into my everyday life. 

It's a lot of fun, too! Having a little whimsical assistant will make the experiences more engaging and entertaining. 


WHO: Ages 5 and up.


WHERE/WHEN: The portable Kamishibai stage/Art Room could pop up at any time, anywhere...

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