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My name is Giada Conte, I am an artist, a museum docent (member of a program that teaches Art Appreciation to K-5 students), and a Montessori early childhood educator.

I’m Italian, moved to Santa Clara, California, at the end of 2017, where I live with my husband.

I’ve been working for more than 15 years as a theatrical set, prop and costume designer and artist, extremely in love with my job, and with Arts in general.

Then, all of a sudden, one day in March 2020, everything changed: theaters and live events closed their doors indefinitely, and I felt completely lost. 

Trying somehow to adjust to the new reality, I committed myself to practicing positive-thinking exercises as a daily routine. 


At least one happy word per day, focusing on all the privileges my life already had (and still has, more than ever): Family, Love, Energy, Colors, Memories, Freedom, Hope, Creativity... so I reached the 50th day, with the word JOY, the day I took my pencil and started drawing... the day Flora came: a little whimsical character with the mission of lightening my days, MAKING ME SMILE

It worked!


So much so that I thought that maybe she could spread a bit of color and brightness to some other lives too, even if only for the time of a chuckle.

Hence, I’ve started posting my daily illustrations on FB and IG, I opened her personal blog with educational/inspirational contents, created free downloadable worksheets for kids and seniors. 

I ran contests, and did collaborations with non-profit organizations, teachers, educators, and other artists.


I was creating art, all alone in my little corner of the world, trying to make the best of my social isolation, and I ended up being surrounded by a community of beautiful people who sent me the most special and heartwarming ‘Thank You’ messages, cards, gifts. And much love

No words can express how I feel about this.

Over time, the illustrations became 100, then 200, 3, 4... and more than 1000 by now.

I am still drawing, every single day.

(Click here to find a few Behind-The-Scenes facts about Flora!)

happiness day4.jpg
art in the park.jpg

In July 2021, I started hosting free pop-up Art classes and workshops (which I love to call 'Experiences') for kids and adults. 

I show up in local parks, with my traveling Art Room and a bunch of art materials, inviting everyone to join the activities I crafted for that day.

On September 21st, 2022, the art activity book 'THINK, SKETCH, AND SMILE WITH FLORA' has been released, and starting on August 19th, 2023, Flora Makes Me Smile coloring book 'IMAGINE AND COLOR WITH FLORA' will be available worldwide!

The authorship adventure is the new chapter of my story... and I'm loving it!

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