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Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Did you take a picture of your first day of school?

I did! :-)

And I keep it into my desk drawer, every now and then I enjoy looking at it, remembering those old days.

To celebrate this special 2020-2021 school year, I pictured myself getting involved in some classes and school activities, learning about Math, History, Geography and Literature, exercising during PE class, then singing, playing, acting and painting during Music and Arts hours. And what about Science experiments? How fun!!!

Beside, of course, staying focused in class, I found super important to set up a comfortable and very personal homework station at home.

You can create your own special study space, organizing your supplies into colorful boxes, and making it unique with a funny lamp and a big wall board. You'll love spending time there!!!

Get your tools and some healthy food ready, pack your bag, and enjoy a new exciting School Year!

Just one more thing, this is a little gift for your teacher's desktop: download the wallpaper in full resolution for free here!

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