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Updated: May 9, 2022

And, one day, I enter this world, excited as my usual.

I only have one ticket, so nothing is going to stop me from exploring as much as I possibly can.

I do expect unexpected ups and downs, and surprising spins and turns.

Fear not! I know I'll stay on track, if I choose to go at my own pace.

Buckle up, then!!!

Can't wait to savor every single moment!

Sometimes they will be sweet, some other times sticky...

I want to capture all the little details around me, noticing how my surrounding imperceptibly changes as the instants pass.

I soak myself into a whirlwind of music, rainbows, lights... much so that I get dizzy!

Of course there will be Magic. Magic is anywhere!!!!

I don't have time to get bored or tired, there's too much to experience.

I just keep moving...

...sliding with the flow...

...curious to see where I will end up this time.

So in love with that freedom!

As I breathe and enjoy the view, I hope everybody in this crowded Superfunnyland will be able to see the Beauty of it, through their own lens.

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