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Here's the idea I had this year to celebrate World Kindness Day!!!

I made a list of 5 random acts of kindness, and invited all my friends to join my marathon in the days leading up to November 13th!

NOVEMBER 4-5: I hid happy notes inside a few books, in different Little Free Libraries.

NOVEMBER 6-7: I packed up a care package to send to a dear friend.

NOVEMBER 8-9: I shared one of my favorite quotes on my social media...

...and a super inspiring mural I spotted on the wall of an elementary school!

NOVEMBER 10-11: I left happy marks in the neighborhood!!! :-D

NOVEMBER 12-13: I gave away free compliments, spreading colors here and there!

Practicing Kindness to others, and toward myself, makes me happier!

Happy World Kindness Day, my Friends!

Today, and every day!


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