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I was looking for an alternate, no-contact idea to hand out candies this special Halloween 2020, and after trying some projects found here and there, this was my choice at last. It’s an easy CANDY PAPER BOX, ready to be filled with whatever treat you like! I made a tutorial for you to use (it's a sweet project all year round)!!!

The idea was simply setting up a spooky table outside to display these boxes, so to make all trick-or-treaters feel safe, and welcome to grab one! We had so much fun making them!

We worked together and took care of all the accessories and decorations: spider webs, eyeballs, the sign...

...and the result was just perfect!!!

I also had time to go trick-or-treating myself :-D, look at my loot!!!!!

It's been a different Halloween this year, but that doesn't mean less happy!

Sometimes having the opportunity to figure out things in a new way is stimulating and exciting, after all!


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