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May 5, 2024, marked the fourth anniversary of my very first Flora drawing, and I want to celebrate by reliving our backstory (you can read the full origin story here) and collecting some of our best memories in a video.

Four years ago, shelter-in-place Day 50.

Back then, theatre was the center of my life, with 16 years of dedicated work behind the scenes, designing sets, props, and costumes. I adored it.

And when shows and live events suddenly stopped, I felt completely lost.

Trying to adjust to the new reality, I began a daily routine of positive thinking, focusing on one word each day.

On May 5, 2020, that word was JOY.

I remember sitting on my bright yellow armchair, in not the brightest mood, looking around in search of something to uplift my day.

Then I paused, took a pencil, and Flora appeared.

She made me smile.

It was instant love.

I’ve simply kept drawing ever since.

And without even realizing it, she redirected my days, and life, onto a completely new path, where dreams are allowed and possibilities are endless.

Where kindness, passion, and gratitude lead the way, and ordinary little things become the most extraordinary.

I don't know the destination, and that's ok, because enjoying the journey is what matters, one drawing at a time.

And because now I’ve learned that what I search for is often already within me.

Happy fourth birthday to my, and your, Flora!

The celebrations will continue with a giveaway on Flora Makes Me Smile social media platforms (on Facebook and Instagram), and a free Art Party in the park in Santa Clara, CA.

See you there!!!



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