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Can you solve this? :-D

...and this?

It's so funny mixing letters, objects, and drawings together to create rebus puzzles!!!

You can use words, too! Clippings from old magazines and newspapers would be perfect to make a themed collage. Choose a topic (I picked 'book', for example), and try to find as much words as you can related to that theme!

Let's play this game: what #color are you?

Pick your favorite color, and check out the corresponding description!

It's not a science of course, it's just for fun, but you're likely to find some of your traits in the match!

I am orange! ;-D

The other day I was thinking... what if I had a jar full of positive words, and every morning I could pick one as an inspiration for that day? So... I made it! And I would love to share with you some words I have chosen.

What is your 'word of the day'?

Cloud watching is one of my favorite activities: there are so many interesting and curious shapes to spot up in the sky! It's also such a great way to connect with nature, and to relax, simply going outside, or looking out the window!

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