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Updated: Sep 9, 2020

When it comes to #traveling, I am always up for it!!! No matter what the destination will be, or how long the trip is going to last, that moment when I start packing my bags and suitcases - oh, how much I love that feeling - means that a new #adventure has just begun!

And it'll be a blast for sure!!!

Even when I visit a place I've already seen, I do know it's going to be a different experience, because everything changes as time passes by, so no two journeys are alike.

That makes me feel veeeeery excited!

This time I decided for a camping trip up to the hills.

#Nature and #outdoor activities are just perfect to energize my body, soul, and mind!

I spotted so many shades of green, brown, yellow, and blue out there, a poem of #colors and #beauty.

I always enjoy immersing myself into Mother Nature's palette! ;-)

Contemplation, fun and relax are all good, but also improvisation and practical skills are crucial here!!!

Getting back home, I framed all those unique emotions into a #scrapbook album, so I let the pictures freeze the instants and tell the story.

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Unknown member
Aug 07, 2020

I can teach her about the desert.


Unknown member
Aug 07, 2020

Can I go camping with Flora?

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