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Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Spreading the Love in all we do? Let's make it a habit!

Not only will it be fulfilling and rewarding, but also really creative and fun!!!

In my projects, I often get inspired by nature. It's interesting trying to find ways to transform natural elements, or to incorporate them into my little handicrafts.

I found a few rocks here and there, quite small and smooth, and I thought they were the perfect canvas for some painting. So, now I am going to give away happy hearts around the neighborhood!!! :-D

I used water-based colors, and water-based glue sealer.

The next one is a great idea if you'd love to be surrounded by flowers all year round!

Roll up streamers of crepe paper, with the help of double sided tape. Then attach your roses to a branch using jute twine, and add a button, or a recycled embellishment, as finishing touch.

I've chosen only red paper today, but of course you can mix several hues, and even make a rainbow branch (in fact, I think it might be my creation while waiting for springtime!).

How about paper planes with sweet messages?

As I really enjoy writing down thoughts, doodles, ideas... during my day, I always carry around a small notebook.

I am sure these little hearts will serve me well!

Make some for yourself and your secrets. Or for your loved ones, they will be cute gifts, too!

You need paper (white for the pages and patterned for the cover), a large heart punch, and a stapler.

You already know my passion for photography and visual journaling, so this is for sure one of my favorite experiments! The idea is to capture Love in a picture.

If you had to take a photo that shows or represents Love, what scene/subject would you capture? What shapes, colors, textures? People, nature, objects?

(If you have more than one, you can make a collage or a mood board!!!).

As for me, Love is fluid, unpredictable and uncontrollable, overwhelming, enchanting, connected to the earth but also to the moon. Basically, the ocean.

We can also bring love in the kitchen!

Here's one of those days when I decide, enthusiastically, to develop a recipe from scratch... well, the result is not always as expected, but that's ok, too!!! (I added a veeeeery generous amount of unsweetened cocoa in this case :-0).

I truly believe that people are all interconnected, like pieces of the same heart.

Every single person, with their own uniqueness, has to do their part in order to complete that puzzle, moving in harmony.

Click to download your free printable card, and share the Love, my friends!

Flora LOVE Printable Card
Download PDF • 825KB


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