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Updated: May 2

I'm super excited to announce a new creative contest! Free and open to all, as always!

We are going to spread Magic all around!!!

Here’s the challenge: CREATE A FANTASTICAL CREATURE using found objects and/or recycled materials!

Give your doll a name, and a special superpower!

Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle! You won’t need to buy new materials, but only use found objects, fabric scraps, paper, trim, rocks, wood, buttons, stickers, embellishments.... and your magnificent imagination!

Ready to participate?

Look at the doll I'm making... I named her Iris, she can create rainbows with her pirouettes! :-D

Click to read the official contest rules:

MAGICAL DOLL - Official Contest Rules
Download PD • 51KB

How about the prize???

One last thing: please put your name, the doll's name and their superpower, and which category you are entering on your design when submitting your photo.

For more info and questions: floramakesmesmile@gmail.com

Now, unleash your creativity, and have fun!!!


This Contest is closed. Take a look at all the amazing entries!

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