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'MY DOLL'S CLOSET' - FUN CONTEST FOR ALL (deadline 09/19/2020)

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Dear Friends, you remember my doll Viola, right?

Well, I just realized that her closet is empty!! :-O

I need your help on this!

You all are called to design an outfit (or two) for her!!!

Here's the challenge: Viola loves second hand clothes, so you don't need to buy new materials, but use only fabric scraps, trim, buttons or embellishments that you already have.

Meet FabMo.

I am thrilled to announce this contest in collaboration with FabMo, a wonderful non-profit organization that diverts tons of designer materials from the landfill and promotes recycle, creative reuse and green living.

Find out more about it:

Ready to participate? Here's what to do:

Click to download the printable pdf:

Download PDF • 185KB

The prize??? An original drawing of Flora with Viola, created by Giada Conte exclusively for #MyDollsCloset contest.

This is an example of an outfit for Viola, here dressed-up for a special occasion, maybe... :-D

One last thing: please put your name and which category you are entering on your design when submitting your photos.

Here are the official contest rule.

For more info and questions:

Now, unleash your creativity, and have fun!!!


On the left: KG (category KIDS) - On the right: CATHY EITZEN (category ADULTS)


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25 Kommentare

21. Sept. 2020

It’s been really hard to pick only one creation per category, all the entries were simply outstanding!!! Congratulations to the Winners, and Thank You All again for such a great turnout! 🥰

The vibes of the outfits, and the combinations of colors/textures/patterns made Flora and FabMo eventually choose two designs.

They picked for Viola doll two comfy yet versatile outfits, ready to wear at any time of the day, and any occasions.

Their clean lines and light accessories make Viola able to follow Flora during their daily activities and busy days, matching their styles perfectly.

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21. Sept. 2020

Designed by: Cindi Valverde

Category: Adults

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19. Sept. 2020

Designed by: Neil Roy

Category: Kids (age 10)

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19. Sept. 2020

Designed by: Natalie

Category: Kids (age 9)

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Unknown member
19. Sept. 2020

Designed by: Jordan

Category: Kids (age 11)

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