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Updated: Nov 11, 2020

What are some simple ways to Be Kind and practice Kindness every day?

I gathered different ideas of Random Acts of Kindness, small gestures we can do here and now, to make a big difference!

Leave positive and motivational sticky notes around your house or/and your neighborhood!

Surprise a friend with a call or a text, just to let them know that you're thinking of them!

Give someone a hand!

Draw and cut out a paper hand. Choose a special person, then write 5 things you'll be willing to do for them!

Write a handwritten letter to a friend or someone you love. They will treasure it forever!

(You can add colors, and cute stickers too!)

Donate gently used items to Charity!

Collect books, clothes, school supplies, blankets, toys... and pick the charitable organization you want to support. This is the perfect way to give a new life to forgotten things, and a better life to persons in need.

Personally, I believe that Self-Love is the most important thing of all.

So, it's time to practice Self-Kindness as well, doing something for yourself!

Here's an idea: create your own hand drawn T-shirt describing the quality that best represents You!

You can use drawings, stencils, words, a motto... it'll be unique as you are. And trendy for sure!!!

(Many qualities? Perfect, more new T-shirts!)

Give (at least) one honest compliment away today!

In case you need my suggestions, download a free printable copy here.

What does Kindness look like?

This project is about capturing Kindness!

If you were asked to take a picture that shows or represents Kindness, what scene/subject would you capture?

Tenderness, Hope, Life, Protection is what I envisioned.

Let's share our thoughts, and make a wonderful poster!

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