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This has been a spooktacular month!!!!

We started early to get into the Halloween spirit, celebrating with themed art projects, costumes, decorations... and of course lots of friends!

We had a crazily fun Mad Hatter’s (Art) Party in the park, inviting all attendees to design their own hat and draw some of their favorite things on it. It was so cool to get to know them better in that way!

Watch out!!! Silly monsters are coming to town!!!!!! Let the dice roll and draw your fantastic creature!

To make sure that our friends will be fully equipped for their trick-or-treating night, we invited them to design their very own Halloween bag, ready to collect lots of goodies!!!

What a monstrously awesome afternoon!!!!

During this time, I also love making DIY costumes (and taking funny pictures)!!!

We finally put on our couple costume, happy to keep on spreading (Halloween) colors all around!!!

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