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Since we celebrate life every day, last month I decided to start a 30-day celebration challenge!!!! Look at the busy calendar! I mixed official, unofficial, national, international holidays, and also made up a few, because why not!?! ;-D

I asked my friends on social media to jump in creating their own piece anytime, with any medium, whenever they felt inspired! And it was so fun seeing all the different interpretations of the same prompt!

Day 1 - The challenge starts off with a delicious Moka Pot coffee!!!!

Happy Coffee Break Day (the Italian way!)

Day 2 - To celebrate National Hugging Day, 5 FLORA POCKET HUGS have been hidden around, ready to warm someone’s heart.

Day 3 - A doodling project for Polka Dot Day!

Fill your paper with 12 identical circles, then use each of them as a start for a little doodle!

Day 4 - Pie Day! Fun in the kitchen!!!

Day 5 - Happy National Compliment Day! This is FOR YOU!

Day 6 - Observe The Weather Day!!!

Look out the window, and use my Weather Chart as a reference! :-D

Day 7 - Play a Game Day!!!!

Day 8 - Clashing Clothes Day!!!!!!

We kinda celebrate today’s holiday almost every day, so it’s definitely one of our favorite prompts!

(Today’s outfit is inspired by real pieces!)

Day 9 - A little art project to celebrate Daisy Day!!! I love the simplicity of this flower so much! Do you? We made a vintage-style rubber stamp, then designed a notebook cover (follow the step-by-step guide to try the technique I used). Can’t wait to start sketching and journaling on this!

Day 10 - Puzzle Day!!!! Can you solve this word game?

Day 11 & Day 12 - I've got the idea of celebrating two holidays together: Croissant Day and Hot Chocolate Day!!!!! :-D It was a super yummy combo!!!!

Day 13 - Ready for a warm and sweet Chinese New Year! The Year of the Tiger...

Day 14 - …in case you haven’t heard… Punxsutawney Phil predicted 6 more weeks of winter on Groundhog Day!

Day 15 - It’s Feed the Birds Day!!!!

Let’s give our backyard birds a little help for the rest of winter!

Day 16 - My celebration calendar certainly couldn't miss this holiday... National Wear Red Day is designed to raise awareness of women's heart health. And I put on my reddest clothes to support that!

Day 17 - Ice Cream for Breakfast Day!!!!!!!!

Day 18 - Brush Day is the right sequel to yesterday’s holiday!

Day 19 - To celebrate Send a Card to a Friend Day, FLORA FRIENDSHIP CARDS are in the making… I'll be sending sets of Artist Trading Cards to new artist friends around the world as part of international ATC swap groups!

Day 20 - A challenge within a challenge!?!?!?!

Kite-Flying Day is the just the perfect occasion to introduce a new creative contest!

Design your Happy Kite, and get your chance to win one Flora Surprise Box!!!

Hop on over the previous blog post to read all the details!

Day 21 - On Pizza Day I made an easy sewing project using felt and beads!

I'm going to turn this cute slice of pizza into a charm or a keychain!

Day 22 - Umbrella Day!

Day 23 - Sharing an important quote on Inventors' Day!

Day 24 - You already know my love for the Italian Carnival and the fascinating world of masks and costumes (check out the blog post about Carnevale!)… Today’s prompt wants to celebrate not only the Italian festival, but also the beauty of traditions and cultural diversity. Happy Venice Carnival Mask Day!

Day 25 - World Radio Day!

Day 26 - Spreading sweetness on Valentine's Day!

Day 27 - Wear a Hat Day! Super happy to put on one of my favorite accessories! I'll go with a straw hat today, how about you?

Days 28 - ...prepping for Random Acts of Kindness Day(s)!

Day 29 - To celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day, I made these special cards… I will be sending them to Cards for Hospitalized Kids and Cardz For Kidz - two incredible organizations that deliver handmade, uplifting cards to children in hospitals and people in need of encouragement around the world!

Day 30 - Extra day of kindness! Watch out, you might spot Flora inside a Little Free Library in your neighborhood!

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