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Updated: Mar 17, 2021

My official date of birth is May 5, 2020. It took several weeks of adjustments though, and lots of drawings, before taking the shape I've got today (in the very first sketches my face was kinda frog-like). Anyhow, even if my look wasn't perfectly defined at first, there was no doubt about the concept behind me: since the beginning, I was destined to be the protagonist of a children's book! Yay!!

Well... that book still doesn't exist (and it's nothing more than a few notes on a pad, to be accurate), but here I am anyway, 3 months and 250+ drawings later, lively and unstoppable!

I guess I decided for myself not to get trapped in some book's pages.

At least for now.

There's too much to explore, discover, experience... I am just curious about everything, that's all.

And of course I am a life enthusiast (how can we not be!!??!).

I savor every single moment, enjoying even the tiniest and unnoticeable things, which are the most interesting sometimes.

I can't help myself to smile, and laugh, and celebrate any occasions... because it's such a precious gift being in this world!


I wanted my Flora to be with no definite age, and no skin color.

She could be anyone, anywhere.

With much love, in every single drawing,



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Unknown member
Aug 07, 2020

Here is a magnolia flower.


Unknown member
Aug 07, 2020

Happy late birthday, Flora! ♥️


Unknown member
Aug 03, 2020

Remember that I believed in you since the first day we met!

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