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It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!!!!

December was a fantastic month! I have been so very active and productive!!!! ;-D

First thing: decorating!

I had fun time doing my favorite outdoor activities...

...but also indoor relax!

I left milk and cookies for Santa (I tasted them first, to make sure they were good! :-D - and they were!!!)

I also wrote him a letter, and he surely must have received it, because he brought me the perfect gift!!! Yay!

I do know that not all people are as lucky as I am unfortunately, so I thought to fill up a box with toys, books, clothes... things I no longer need, and to donate it to someone who will certainly love to have it!

Of course, I spent time making Art! Lots of it!!!!

I popped up in a park with my portable Art Room, inviting friends of all ages to draw Snowpeople, and design sparkly Greeting Cards! How fabulous!

I feel blessed, and loved...

...super ready to start a new incredible year!!!!

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