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Running a home is a very complex job!

It takes a lot of hard work, time, and energy!

By observing a typical homemaker's work day, we can actually find many important life skills and values.

We can try this experiment today: with the help of an adult, pick a simple chore and have fun doing it! (turning on the music I love is my secret ;-D).

Here's what you'll learn:

Organizational Skills: the combination of setting priorities, planning and coordinating the activities is one of the keys in managing the household chores.

Responsibility: take on a task and get it done to the best of your ability require dedication and determination.

Motivation, Satisfaction, Reward, Pride: knowing that your effort makes a difference, and your work is a fundamental contribution for the family and the household wellbeing is a great self-fulfillment.

Problem Solving, Creativity and Practical Skills: things don't go always as planned, so figuring out new solutions often takes a good deal of imagination and improvisation.

Focus and Patience: no matter how challenging a task is going to be, concentration and carefulness are essential to complete it with a satisfying result.

Budget control: yes, math is involved as well! Managing resources and keeping track of expenses are vital (and tricky) operations.

Clean and Order: order in the house means to have a healthy environment, and less room for mental stress, too. ;-)

Physical exercise: so active and in constant movement! You can even dance if you want!!

Let's add Generosity and Teamwork to the list: paying attention to others' needs and helping each other with little gestures will make a family a happy and invincible Team!


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