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Updated: Jan 12, 2023

In Flora’s Art Room, every Experience (about 1.5/2 hours long) is shaped around a theme, and includes three parts: one INTRO with a creative warm-up activity involving Flora’s adventures, one part of ART APPRECIATION, and one part of ART MAKING. (Read more about it in the previous blog post).

Today's theme is STYLE.


What are your favorite pieces of clothing in your closet? Why do you like them?

Sketch the item or outfit from your wardrobe that best represents you!


'Pasie sewing in Bougival's Garden' by Berthe Morisot (1881) is the masterpiece I selected for this theme. After analyzing the visual elements, it would be truly interesting to discuss the atmosphere of the artwork using various senses. Imagine that you are in this garden - What are the smells? What the sounds? What time of the day is it?


Fashion design is great for playing with colors, patterns, and textures!

So.... Let’s draw some clothes with Flora!!!

For this project you’ll need a bunch of fun fabric scraps to cut into little swatches.

All my pieces come from FabMo (an amazing non-profit organization that diverts tons of designer materials from the landfill and promotes recycle, creative reuse and green living).

Et Voilà!

Flora’s Art Room/Japanese Kamishibai turned into a glamorous French Boutique!!!

That was very cool!

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