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Updated: Oct 11, 2022

In Flora’s Art Room, every Experience (about 1.5/2 hours long) is shaped around a theme, and includes three parts: one INTRO with a creative warm-up activity involving Flora’s adventures, one part of ART APPRECIATION, and one part of ART MAKING. (Read more about it in the previous blog post).

Today's theme is HUMANITY.


A coloring page with a special palette: 7 continents, to explore, combine and appreciate all Colors of the World!


This is my pick for this theme: 'Siblings' by Paul Klee (1930).

What do you see in this picture?

And what do you think its message, or meaning might be?

3. ART MAKING (this project is designed to talk about respect, compassion, empathy... in a creative way).

WELCOME TO PLANET HEART! A place where people just love each other. Where sharing and caring are the ordinary. Where a few simple tools is all you need to be happy, and live in harmony.

Draw, color, and decorate (as many pieces as you like!): - HELPING HANDS (think of something you could do to help someone else) - KINDNESS FLAGS (what are compliments, encouraging phrases, images to show kindness?) - FRIENDSHIP CHARMS (a touch of positivity to symbolize a special bond)

Then, let’s exchange our pieces one another, so to feel always connected, and safe.


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